Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A car accident in Iran

 Do you know what will happen in Iran, if you have a car accident ? do you have any idea about what people will do if you are injured ? do you know the law about that ? if you are interested just read this story to know all these things.

It was 2006 in Iran Zanjan city, I was studding civil engineering. I can say Zanjan was a great adventure and a good place for living I ever knew. beautiful nature, and the sky , always was a painting and it was changing every minute.

first I tell you about the transport system, If you want to go somewhere, actually the transport is really awful and terrible. when in Iran you want to take a taxi, it is not like other countries at all. a car has a destination and you call any car passing by and not only the taxi. you say the name of where you want to go and if they are going as well then they will stop and take you there. maybe there are passengers also inside the car mostly.It is a common thing in Iran .

I was going somewhere with my girl friend. we took a car, I sat in the front and she was behind with 2 other women.we where inside a normal traffic in a narrow street of  Besat ( 'Ba,esat ).  I really had a good mood that day.

In the middle of the way I saw an accident happened, just the car stopped and every body get out of their cars to see what happened. becasue of this there where no progress in the traffic any more. we also paid then get out of the car . I ran and I saw the guy on the street he was an old poor Turkish worker on the ground , his shoes was all limy and his hands was worked for so many years in construction, people made a circle and they were looking at the guy. the driver ran after he realized he crushed the man under the car wheels. they said he was sleepy and  he was on drugs.

Old man was bleeding, his hands were bloody , he was shocked and he couldn't say any thing. people were looking and nobody went near him. his feet were totally rotated and placed behind him and his leg bone was out in the air, out of his skin and also trousers, I went to him knelt near his head and took his hand and looked him in the eye and told him " don't worry , every thing is going to be OK , you will be fine , do not be afraid. "  this was what i could do that day.

He responded and looked at me, with very poor effort he tried to hold my hand and he was moving his lips , I thought he is speaking in Turkish, any way I never knew what he is trying to say he went to coma.

People started to move the traffic and tried to stop so many cars to take the man to hospital , each time the guys rejected to carry the man to the hospital. my girlfriend never came near and was looking at the whole thing, waiting for me in the side walk. also she refused to call the hospital. she said others will do.

after twenty minutes people found a vane and like a potato bag took the man's limbs and put him behind the vane, then I get back of the vane with some other people but my girlfriend was shouting at me, not to go with them, she was telling "if you go, you will never say my name again." and reminded me the law.

Actually there is a law in Iran, if you take a injured person to the hospital they will arrest you and if somehow you can not prove that you are not the guy which hit the person you are criminal. becasue of that. there are so many people Die on the street ,bleeding to death in the middle of the cities,

also there are no health care and if you do not pay first then no one will do any thing for you. they keep you there maybe but they wont give you food.

that time there were no police men , no ambulance , no nothing , but people and they handled the situation as much as they could and they were trained to do, you must know that the people are not trained to do any thing at all, the thing that you must know is there are no ambulances in Iran, Do not waste your time calling the Hospitals for ambulance. I was shocked and forgot this matter that time.

I went down and they took him to the hospital , Girl continued nonsense and told "me you never thought what if they arrest you there and find out about our activities bla bla" , I broke emotionally and said to her stop and told her she is a heartless Muslim like the others  ( she lost control ) and then the stress showed up in her " what if I was instead of him , what if my brothers were like him"  she said  then she cried.

I  calmed her,  kissed her and made her forget about the whole thing and then I pretended that i am also OK but , i was destroyed to see it.

I do not know how I strongly believe in humanity. I randomly listened to this song of the Raidohead and it bounds this to my memory. I cried alone. I saw the word of humanity and the brotherhood of humans where I dot know but as I roamed on the earth more I only saw few.

You must know that these kinds of failure in making law and ruling the country is the main cause for the Iranians to be upset about the regime of Mullahs , becasue they really do not know about the controlling  a modern society with law and they are just like a big mafia band looking for their benefit and they even can not take care of the religion which fed them until today. they are destroying every thing and they want to  destroy YOU if you don't have benefit they want from YOU.

the reality is people are capable to take care of themselves is there are no harmful law like these law we see in whole world but , authorities , they are the sort of all evil thing on this planet . mostly when they are taking advantage of all meetings to seek only their benefit.

You must know that one day a new organization will rise , based on humanity and its multicultural , It is great and will inherit all others, that day will come. It is just a matter of time.

at last I want to say my girl I wish happiness all around the world and for you as well , but you must know that If any thing happens to you like this and no one is helping you, this is not because human are bad or careless to their similar beings , but becasue some of these monkeys are ruling with a seek law and they are not meant to be any where but in cages.

Monday, 21 May 2012

when you are late in united nations for the refugees

I went to the refugees OPI department, this part they made for the people to report if they are arrested by the police, there was a Chinese guy who said he is no one and he is working there voluntary, As they always ling , i never believe them.( keep this in mind "THEY ARE ALWAYS LING") believe me,I guess this is what they say to the united nations employees all the time.

I was arrested before 14 days for 2 weeks I was in detention in Malaysia, and with a paper they released me. I was totally arrested unrelated to the case , i think for more fun and money of course,

I reported to the Chinese , he told me : " why you didn't come the day they released you?"

I answered: " becasue that day I didn't had any money , police looted my life , i even didn't had a phone I was asking people for food, I couldn't walk also. I was so dirty and smelly you know ? I was crying all the time."

He said who arrested you: and I told him the whole story and then I didn't said the name of the officers only one who said to me "you are a Muslim" which was very very very insulting.

He asked " did you see the police men identifications and if no why you went with them ?"

I said " If they are not police , and they want to take me and they have guns, uniform and hand crafts they are very very dangerous people, also I couldn't run I was so weak also I didn't have any place to go any more,I never have done any thing against the Malaysian government to send me his intelligent service, so I went." ( believe me they ask such stupid questions all the time )

he said OK then i asked :"why UN never send any one to help me , they were beating me for two weeks for nothing"

He smiled. and asked me !! " they never came ?"

I said : "I supposed to come to united nations for result I was there, what about that ?"

he said come next month.

I asked " what will happen to my stuff? I lost my life once in Iran, now I lost it again, can you take back my ring , just that."

He said he have to go.


I came the next month and they said "come next month, your documents are lost" like they say to so many people.

I went next month they made the appointment for next month again and again.

And then when at last saw the Integrator, she told me that " why you never come at the date, you don't care about your life ?"

I wanted to explain , she said stop! Stop it! and said when you do not care about your life, why should we care ?

I didn't said anything ,she started again the unrelated questions started and I wasn't able to say what I needed to say. again shouting and mental torture started in the cold white room.

I really never forget you the united nations. And i want you to never forget me too. :)

When you go to united nations to seek asylum

Salvador Dali's rose paining, not related
I had a decision since I was eight years old to write novels and stories , I've chosen an adventurous way of living, inspired by people like Jack London But at the same time I wanted to show the world my point of view and I wanted to show the world itself in my point of view. I hated to be a coward.

due to the way of living and believing I had, in 2009 , at the time of demonstration in I.R.I , I was in the heat of demonstration and That lead to unfortunate incidents, a chain of actions which lead to my exile

In one week I lost my whole achievements of twenty five years, I thought I knew what is waiting for me, but I never imagined of THIS.

I couldn't ran to turkey that time I was so afraid of my experience and knowledge of Ottoman savages and I knew they may return us to Iran and I knew they may stop me at the airport if i am going there and there I will be tortured and executed by Mullah's Dogs. there was an other choice to run to the unknown land of  Malaysia and I accepted that. I was promised that the Malaysian UN is better than turkey and It was a lie.

The thing I want to write here is a small story about what has happened in United nations office, on day.
I was sitting in the room and it was so cold , the officer was looking at me like a jerk and speaking very unkind and rude ( like every one in there was), asking not related questions and shouting at me.

" I continued : Then in the ally near the freedom square of Tehran ( capital city of Iran , at the date ) they were shooting to the people from a balcony , I saw 2 guys get hit by the Kalashnikov 1 lay dead ,Then I asked a boy to go inside and report the situation, the boy go trough the other house and get inside the court , he ran across and then he get out of the other side , then he get back and said there is a big police vane behind the door , at the time I understood that this is whole staged, Then I said we have to get inside from other buildings, the neighbors. we went but they didn't let us in, situation get more and more suspicious,

I went back and asked the people to unite and go over the wall, then a brave young boy went to take my hand and we go inside the house, when I took his hand, he got shot in the stomach , he just tried to pull me up for a second and then he fell on the wall i grab him and took him down  ( even now i feel so Destroyed when i remember all , because I can see all the things ,its just in front of my eyes , even i feel the blood , the warm red and sticky thing )

I said he looked me in the eye ,

In this moment I was shaking in the small cold white room ,  then I saw the girl , the united nations officer was laughing , I just asked are you laughing ?I was shocked , it was in a insulting way that she answered me , NO I was not laughing , he shouted at me ,I just broke and before I lose my control I stood , they were afraid with a dieing voice I said "I want to go and wash my face,"

i guess they never believed or if they did , they never care what happened there, Now we all know this was all stage maybe they knew that time.

 I left the room , my face was all in tears , I remember the thing and I knew that my country patriot , one of the greatest men who ever born in Tehran looked me in the eye and said " Why you didn't come ? "

I escape the rest of the story here because the concept is what happened in UNHCR but not in the day of protesting , I will write the rest when my life is protected or , I will publish it after i died anyway. but nearly 12 people were killed that dark day.

also later the guy who get hit on the wall died in a hospital , these parts i never told the united nations high commission for the refugees, You think i must ?

I was treated as a slave , and a lire in the first place I could prove that I am not , but I will live to write these and show them their faces .

so know that when you are speaking of united nations you must know that they don't do what they say. f you are seek their employment and you want to really help humanity, this is not the way.
 later they asked me in a joke letter that how i escaped the assassination ,that was how she wrote what I said.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

i love my guitar

I love my guitar , more than everything my guitar is my life. i never regret i spent so much time for it.

the first guitar i had it was broken , and also was very bad , i bought it very cheap. i understand when someone has a disabled child why he or she love the child so much and they don abandon him. i had this feeling towards my guitar. now i don know where is it , my second guitar but break because i never bought a stand for it and i could never make it right but it had such a wonderful sound my first electronic guitar was stolen by Turkish musicians !! I always hate such people for so many reason any way. but i bought a better one which i still have it. and the first effect was gifted to me by someone i never knew before!! he died because of using heroin. i even don remember his name but his face.

the first song i played was the nothing else matters, and i done it by note no tuition  no shit. and i played it fully so many people they were jealous and they never gave me their music sheets  after that. and the first song i made of my own was a simple one and i remember when i was hearing in my ears for the first time the songs and i played them , i remember the songs i dreamed , and i love my guitar because it brought me all these wonderful life.

so many times i didn't eat in my life for my guitar sake and yet i love it. more that every thing, example is the guitar that i have now , i borrowed money and then the guy understand and cursed me but never mind. i aint gonna pay back him because of his rubbish behavor and i want to see what he gets from insulting my dear guitar any way i love my guitar

i love it when i play jazz , i love it when i play classic i love it when i lock at it.

I love it.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Why in Afghanistan women walking always five step behind hinde their husbands?

miss Barbara Walters which is one of the most famous TV presenters in America so many years before the freedom struggles in Afghanistan made a show about the Sex Discrimination in Kabul. which was a very good show in that time. describing the really dark days of afghan women. she knew that the Afghan  women forced to walk always five step behind their husband according to the rules of the very Islam.

In a recent travel early 2012 just she was surprised that after Taliban and after terror atmosphere is pale still women walk five step behind their husband and they are doing it HAPPILY. miss Walters then go to one women and asks her why you are still doing this old Tradition while you where fighting to remove it for a long time. Women looks straight in her eyes and says :"because of the land mines"

It doesn't matter where are you from , behind every men there is a wise women.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

the best free thing in the world

the best free things in the world are :

"To dream about your future with your love"
"To speak about you funny memories with your mother"
"Smiles are free"
"To have children are free"
"The best friends in the life are free"
"Watch a beautiful landscape"
"Playing games with your little brother or sister"
"The love is free"
"To kiss and hug someone you love tightly is free"
"To listen some old ones sweet stories of the past"

Come on , go out and tell some people how beautiful they are ;)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

why people leave their jobs

some one said :"In order for people to be happy in their work, these three things are needed. They must be fit for it.They must not do too much of it. And they must have a sense of success in it."

for me , in this place I worked I was doing so much and my salary was so less and it wasn't enough at all. i was working for 12 hours a day without holiday,

But I was successful , I was very successful , I made every thing right but there was no investment. so i left the job for my own.

I left because i was so tired of doing it. I left after 1 year The cafe.